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Through this page, you can locate/gather latest information on various sectors, management subjects and topics. All you need to do is to select “Subject”, expand and select “Topic” then select “Sector” and click on ”Perform Search” button to get the required information.


Example 1: You are a HR Student looking for news articles on HR (as Subject), Training (as Topic) and you specifically want to know what is going on in Banking (as a Sector).You can select these respective fields under Subject, Topic (You will get to see the topics once you select a subject) and Sector list given above and can perform your search to get the desired news articles.

Example 2: You are a HR student and irrespective of the topics or sector, you want to know about the latest news in HR. You can select HR as your Subject and can perform your search to get all the relevant news articles of HR Field.

In the same manner you can also perform your search only by clicking on a particular sector, to get the news articles covered under the same.

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