Intelligent Search

This unique search engine helps you to find latest News, Articles and Industry data on various management verticals. All you need to do is, select “Subject(s)” » “Topic(s)” » “Sector(s)” and click “Perform Search” to get the available information. The ‘Filter by text’ feature helps you to find more specific results by entering the key word or text.


Example (Regular Search): You are a HR Student looking for news articles on HR (as Subject), Industrial Relations (as Topic) and you specifically want to know what is going on in Automobile (as a Sector).You can select these respective fields under Subject(s), Topic(s)* and Sector(s) list given above and can perform your search to get the available information.

Example (Filter Search): Expanding the above HR example, if you want to search specific information on Maruti strike in Gurgaon, write “Maruti strike Gurgaon” in the filter textbox and “Perform search” you will get the information matching your keywords.

*You will get to see the topics once you select a subject.

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